Endangered species of birds living in the Lesser Poland gorge of the Vistula


They are one of the longest-lived, but unfortunately endangered species of birds from the wader family. In Poland there are e.g. in the Lesser Poland gorge of the Vistula

Common Gulls

The gray gull is also called the common gull. It is a species of medium-sized gull with a fairly extensive distribution range. In our country, it nests irregularly, mainly on the Vistula River and in several dozen sites in the rest of the country. More about this bird species.

Mediterranean Gulls

Mediterranean Gulls currently occupies the status of endangered in the „Red List of Birds of Poland”. This means that its rapid decline combined with a small population size qualifies this bird species as critically endangered in our country.

Ringed Plovers

The Ringed Plovers also currently occupies the status of endangered in the „Red List of Birds of Poland”. Its population is small and, additionally, constantly decreasing. In Poland, the Ringed Plovers currently nests in several scattered sites on the Baltic coast. The main part of the national population lives in the valleys of the Vistula and Bug rivers.

Vistula river

The Vistula river valley is a region where there are many unique and extremely valuable species of birds. Unfortunately, these are actually endangered species of birds. Examples of endangered species of birds nesting in the Vistula river valley include: Oystercatchers, Ringed Plovers and Mediterranean Gulls.

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